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I'm Still Here - N02

Note 1 - Chapter 1-2


My thoughts: The real reason Austin’s parents named her Austin. Discrimination. That’s it. Period. We all know we (Black folks) are judged by our unique names which are often stereotyped as ghetto. Even further in the job market, we are immediately viewed as less than, less intelligent, less likely to fulfill the role, unlikely to be a culture fit, and the list goes on. Said having a white-sounding name gets you “one step further in life” and tears down one more barrier of access opportunities.

For example, having a white-sounding name will at least get you into the door for an interview, instantly seen as more approachable, instantly seen as more acceptable, and therefore, the possibility of accessing an opportunity and salary your parents could only dream.

For the same reasons foreigner who migrates to America adopt American names.

I’m Still Here - N01

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